Round table “Biotechnological projects of the Republic of Tatarstan – current state, problems and perspectives of accomplishment”

November 26, 2015 JSC “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan ” with the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, held a round table “Biotechnological projects of the Republic of Tatarstan – current state, problems and prospectives of accomplishment”. The event was held in the conference hall of “Shalyapin Palace Hotel”.

The organizers set a goal of forming the base of biotech projects in the Republic of Tatarstan, promoting the integration of scientific research with the real sector of economy, and small and medium-sized businesses to submit the relevant information on the different stages of the project.

The event was attended by over 60 people and 21 reports were heard on various subjects and areas of biotechnology.

An opening speech was given to the members of the presidium – Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Deputy General Director of JSC “Tatneftekhiminvest Holding” Yakushev I.A., General Director of ” “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan” Shevchenko A.M., Head of the Department of Science, Education and Innovation Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Khamidullin N.N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Head of the Department of Chemical Cybernetics HPE “KNRTU” Yemelyanov V.M.

The event began with the presentation of the leading research institutes and higher educational institutions of the Republic – KFI, KNRTU, KSEU, KSAVM n.a. Bauman, KSAU, KSMU and others which have extensive experience in research and development.  In the afternoon, the representatives of small and medium businesses in the region appeared with their projects in the field of biotechnology, which are being at different stages of accomplishment and contemplation.

The list of the speakers:

  • “Biotechnological projects of Kazan State Technological University”. Viktor M. Emelyanov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science of RT, Honored Worker of Science of RF, Head of the Department of Chemical Cybernetics KNRTU.
  • “Organization of making cellulose from annual plants”. Nugmanov Oleg K., Ph.D., senior researcher at the Laboratory of “Structural energy-materials research methods” KNRTU.
  • “Biotechnological projects of the Kazan Federal University, conservation and environmental biotechnology.” Galickaya Polina Y., director of the laboratory “Biocontrol”, Associate Professor of Department of Landscape Ecology of  the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences CFI.
  • “Development of import substitution of biological products and feed additives for livestock”. Yusupova Galia R., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Vice Rector for Research of KSAVM
  • “Development of the regional market of biological products under the greening of agricultural production”. Grigoryan Boris R. Cand. Sc. In Biology, Head of the Laboratory of Ecology and Soil Institute of Ecology and Mineral Sciences Academy RT.
  • «Obtaining callus and suspension cultures as sources of pharmacologically active preparations”. Tuhbatullina Ruzaliya G., PharmD, Professor of Natural Sciences, professor of RANS, Head of Department of Pharmtechnology KSMU.
  • «TurboBio-decontamination technology for poultry and livestock waste producing fuel and fertilizer”. Ricardo Perez Gil, the company «VOMM», regional representative. Dyganova Rosa Y., Ph.D in Biology., professor, Head of Department «Engineering ecology and rational natural resource use” KSPEU.
  • “Trout breeding. Bodies of water of the Republic of Tatarstan “. Kalaida Marina L., Ph.D., professor, Head of Department “Water Bioresources and Aquaculture” KSPEU.
  • “The introduction of innovative technologies and the development of an efficient layout of installation of sowing seed treatment by electromagmetic field of extremely high frequency to create quality improving farm ecosystems”. Morozov Gennadiy A., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of KAI, Honored Worker of Higher School, Director of Kazan branch KNRTU HPE.
  • “The use of biological plant protection in the Republic of Tatarstan”. Polyakh Galina I. – Deputy Head of the State Organization “Russian Agricultural Center” in RT.
  • “Biotechnology Project of the Federal center of toxicological, radiation and biological safety” Development of a method of bone regeneration”. Valiullin Lenar R., Cand. Sc. in Biotechnology, researcher FSBI “FCTRBS- RSRVI”.
  • “The introduction of IVF technique in cattle breeding”. Raginova Elena B., Cand. Sc. in Biology, tissue engineering sector employee FSBI “FCTRBS- RSRVI”
  • Biotechnology project “The combination of deep processing of grain”. Davletshin Tagir G. – General Director of LLC «Volzhsky melnik.”
  • “Modern ways to biotechnology in the Republic of Tatarstan”. Ibatullina Rimma P., Cand. Sc., director of LLC “NPI “Biologies”.
  • “Waste of forestry and agro-industrial sectors by thermochemical method”. Zabelkin Sergey A., Cand. Sc., Head of Research Department of  LLC “Energolesprom”.
  • “Biological plant protection products”. Davletbaev Igor M., Cand. Sc., R&D Director of LLC “Organic park.”
  • “Production of liposomal forms of antioxidants for the manufacture of drugs and feed mixtures”. Ilyazov Robert G., General Director of SPC “Liposomal Technology”, Ph.D., professor, Academician of MAI.
  • “Processing of cattle manure and chicken litter into organic fertilizer”. Kumitsky Oleg P., Chief Technologist, Expert of Innovation-Implementation center “Em Eco”.
  • “Biotechnopark and priority biotechnology projects of RT based on the latest GIS system is the key to food security of the country”. Aukhadeev Felix F., General Director of  LLC”Rosta”.
  • “Waste facility. Project Ecopark “. Grigoriev Peter P., JSC “Kazan ecological complex.”
  • “Restoration of land using bottom ooze.” Semenihin Artem A. regional representative of LLC “Kamsky sapropel”.