The conference of young scientists of KSTU

May 13-14 Kazan State Technological University (KSTU n.a. Kirov) will host the XIV International Conference of young scientists “Food Technology and Biotechnology”

Topics of main sections

  1. Food processing technology
  2. Production equipment, processes and equipment for food production
  3. Food biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  4. Industrial biotechnology processing of raw materials and wastes
  5. The technology of functional food
  6. The technology of food of animal origin
  7. Packaging of food products
  8. Analysis, ecology, quality control and food safety
  9. Foodservice
  10. Food processing economy

Event program

May 13


Plenary session

Moderator:  Dean of the Faculty of Food Engineering Polivanov M.A.


  1. Vice-Rector for Integration of Education, Science and Industry KNRTU, professor Abdullin I.A
  2. Director of Institute of Food Production and Biotechnology KNRTU, professor Nurtdinova M.G.
  3. Chairman of the National Chemical Society n.a. Mendeleyev D.I., professor Barabanov V.P.
  4. Director of the Higher School of Economics KNRTU, professor Kiseleva S.V.
  5. Representative of JSC “REC of biotechnology of RT», Ph.D. in Economics Titova R.V.
  6. Regional representative of FPDSFE STS Baskevich P.P

Plenary papers

  1. Shurhno R.A. “Scientific fundamentals of innovative microbial products for agricultural industry”
  2. Habibullin R.E.”Biotechnological aspects of recycling of secondary raw material and agro-industrial complex waste”
  3. Galihanov M.F. “Package with additional functions for food products”


May 14

Work of sections