The Republican professional conference-exhibition “Biotechnology in the Republic of Tatarstan – the state and prospects”

December 23, 2015 the Republican professional conference -exhibition “Biotechnology in the Republic of Tatarstan – the state and prospects” was held in the exhibition center “Kazan Fair”. The event organizer was JSC “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

The event was opened by the General Director of JSC “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan” – Shevchenko A.M.  In the opinion of Anastasia Mikhailovna the purpose of the exhibition was the desire of the organizers to create all the necessary conditions for productive work of the exhibitors, turn the exhibition into a reliable marketing tool and success of its members.

Yakushev Ilgizar Alyaltdinovich (Professor, Honored inventor, Deputy General Director of JSC “Tatneftekhiminvest Holding”), and Baitemirov Kamiyar Mizhagitovich (Chairman of the Association of farmers and peasant farmsteads in Tatarstan) gave the welcome speech.

The exhibitions were attended by 13 professional societies, including educational and scientific production institutions of RT: Institute of Fundamental Medicine, CFI, KSAVM n.a. Bauman, FCBU “Federal center of toxicological, radiological and biological safety,” FCBU “Rosselhoztcentr”.

The next participant of the exhibition was LLC “Rosta” company which has more than 15 years of experience in the development and promotion of biotechnology projects.  LLC “Biotechconsalting” conducts the creation and rollout of various biotechnological equipment for yeast geniture process, growing a pure culture of alcohol yeast and other industrial strains of microorganisms. Ltd “Euro Accent Saba” develops and introduces a comprehensive approach to the issue of rational water management.

Ltd. SPI “Biologies” – the next exhibitor – has more than half a century of experience in the market of biological products for the crop and livestock production on the basis of live microorganisms.

Ltd. SPC “Liposomal technologies”, one of the projects of which appears the developing of technology for import substitution of drugs and feed mixtures to improve the health and productivity of farm animals, poultry and improving the quality of their products.

Also young scientists from leading universities of Kazan, as K (P) FU and KNRTU exhibited their projects.

In the first part of the conference D.Eng.Sc. Professor Yakushev I.A.  gave the detailed assessment of the status and directions of development of biotechnology in the world. The speakers highlighted the current approaches in the field of biotechnology RT, discussed the main problems of realization of biotechnology projects, including topics separately concerning the use of biological crop protection products, DNA technologies in animal husbandry, fish farming.

The second part of the conference was devoted to the promising research and project development. The speakers were the Heads of enterprises implementing biotechnology projects in RT.