Educational services

  • Educational seminars, theme-based “round table discussions”, workshops with the assistance of external teachers
  • Consultation of foreign experts in the field of engineering
  • Training, retraining and skills development

Advisory services


  • Consultation of foreign experts in the field of engineering for the benefit of SMEs
  • Independent examination of contracts, technical solutions, projects, contract risks
  • Informing enterprises and engineering companies of state support measures (in the target segment) and REC services

Business-plan development

  • Services for the feasibility study of the project
  • Creation of financial situation with the possibility of simulation model

Investment consulting

  • services for attracting financing, including the structuring of financing schemes for investment projects

Crisis consulting

  • Actions aimed at creating a set of measures to improve the competitiveness and resilience to crises (Methodology for the CC)

Services of Business Valuation

  • Business Express diagnostics

Marketing services

  • marketing research
  • services for branding, positioning and promotion of new projects on Russian and international markets
  • assistance in promotion of innovative developments in the foreign markets, international and foreign patents

Patent research

  • patent research
  • protection of intellectual property rights
  • certification, accreditation, development, licensing
  • information and methodological support to results of intellectual activity

Modernization of production


Engineering services

Equipment selection and R&D

  • Services for the selection of production equipment
  • Services for shared use of equipment
  • Services for the development of products and technologies, including R & D
  • Services for the commercialization of R & D services (promotion and introduction of new technologies in production plants)

Services on performance of audit

  • Rapid assessment of the technological readiness of the enterprise index (TRI) for modernization, innovation (Methodology on TRI)
  • Energy audit
  • Technological audit
  • Environmental audit
  • Financial audit
  • Management audit
  • Rapid diagnosis of agricultural enterprises in the technological readiness for the audit in compliance with the requirements of organic agricultural production (Guidelines)


Price-list on services on JSC “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan”