XVII Russian Agroindustrial Exhibition “Golden Autumn”

8-11 October 2015 in Moscow the XVII Russian Agricultural Exhibition “Golden Autumn” was held. The main focus was on the sections: Russian model of the formation of agro-industrial clusters: the reserves of improvement of the quality of joint projects.
Presentations were made by:
Roman V. Titov, managing partner of JSC “REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan”
“Support System of Agrobiotechnological projects on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan”
Kirill S. Toropov, Head of the Department of Economic Development of the Vologda region
“The priorities of the development of biotechnology in the Vologda region”
Ekaterina A. Izhmulkina, Head of the department of innovative technologies of Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute
“The development of the Kemerovo Region agro-industrial cluster”
Oleg Buriak, Head of the Center of cluster development of the Novgorod region.

Within the section there were presented the experiences of a number of Russian regions on the implementation of various development models of agro-industrial clusters. The problems and barriers that stand in the way of their creation and development, outspread of best practices and improving of the quality of cluster management, possibilities of growth of quantity and quality of joint projects, including the coordination of investment plans of private companies, R&D plans of scientific organizations, support measures by the federal and regional authorities.