International Field Days in the Volga Region 2016

From June 29 to July 2, 2016 the 2nd technological agricultural forum-exhibition International Field Days was held in the Volga Region. The venue of the event was the central experimental field of Federal State Scientific Establishment of Tatarstan Agricultural Research Institute in Laishevo region of Tatarstan. The event brought together about 150 organizations both of large and small businesses. Exhibitors were not only Russian companies, but representatives of 7 foreign countries. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Republic, German Agricultural Society DLG, JSC Kazan fair and exhibition company IFWExpo Heidelberg GmbH.
JSC REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan became a participant of this event for the first time. Together with LLC Organic Park the manufactured products and modern technological developments in the crop sector, livestock and soil bioremediation were presented at the exhibition. The effectiveness of the product was demonstrated to the visitors on previously booked experimental fields on the territory of the production. The huge interest among the guests aroused the bioreactor, which is part of the manufacturing production line of biotechnological products.
Besides RECs of biotechnology other support centers for SMEs took part in the exhibition: representative of JSC REC of Chemical Technologies ( told about the products manufactured in the production and made a suggestion of conducting analytical monitoring of drugs and chemicals used in agrarian business.
Engineering Technology Center KAI-LASER ( presented the guests product samples and experimental model of its specialized equipment. Representatives of JSC Center for prototyping and implementation of domestic robotics ( told about the development of automation systems for various tasks, including in agriculture.
JSC Center of digital technologies ( presented their complex individual products for experimental R & D work.
REC of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan is planning to take regular participation in this event and represent products and industries of biotechnology of the Republic of Tatarstan on international level.